Chronic Transport takes pride in being the first and only local Oklahoma Marijuana Delivery agency to launch in the heart of Oklahoma for delivery from the medical marijuana grower to the dispensary or processor, or from the processor to the dispensary.

How Does it Work for Companies?

Chronic Transport offers a very aggressive technology marketing and sales platform for companies in the Marijuana industry. We offer a premier membership service that gives companies the cutting edge opportunity to offer customers a quick reliable delivery option when purchasing their products.

Services We Offer:

  • Delivery from Grower to Dispensary or Processor
  • Delivery from Processor to Dispensary

Chronic Security

Chronic Security is a Licensed and Bonded Oklahoma Security company that has seasoned security professionals. Our staff didn’t get into this because of the marijuana boom here in Oklahoma- they have been doing this profession for years.

Retail/Dispensary Security 

Retail stores that sell marijuana are high profile targets for theft and other crimes. Everyone knows that these stores keep large amounts of cash and highly desirable products on-site.

Chronic Security provides staff that can help! Our goal is to minimize crime and other issues for retail locations, owners, employees, and customers. We provide staff that is State Certified and has the experience you need to ensure that you have a safe operation for all involved. Our staff is trained on how to secure and protect businesses and individuals operating within the cannabis industry.

Why is a Physical Security Presence Needed at Your Store?

  • We provide armed/unarmed security staff that is VISIBLE at your location-This acts as a deterrent to people or organizations who will try to disrupt your organization and commit a crime.
  • Theft prevention and ID Checks for customers to keep you in compliance with the state.
  • Our staff helps protect your products, assets, and cash.
  • We protect employees and customers.
  • Reduce damage to store property from smash-and-grab robberies.

Grow/Farmer Security

Grow facilities that cultivate and prepare products for dispensaries and process centers are the prime targets for destruction and theft. Most facilities try to keep a low profile of their operation and not offer address information to the public. Some grow owners feel security cameras are enough. However, criminals are out there looking for these locations and looking to break in and take your product. A single theft can wipe out an entire crop and could mean tens of thousands of dollars in products and property. Our staff provides the visual presentation you need to let people know that you take your business seriously.


Chronic Security understands the importance of keeping your facility secured and under constant observation is important to keep possible problems down.

  • We provide armed/unarmed security who can secure and patrol your facility inside and outside.
  • Our staff helps protect your products, assets, and cash.
  • We protect employees and make sure your building stays secure.

Transporting to Dispensaries & Processors

Chronic Security understands the importance and risks involved with transporting your products. Criminals often target and plot to find when businesses are transporting products or cash. Often they watch for when goods are being transported or moved and will try to seize the opportunity. Our armed/unarmed security team is prepared and trained on how to protect your product and cash when it is moved from one location to the next.

We Secure your BAG! – Armored Fleet and Services

Our trained officers and transportation network can safely transport cash, product, or other assets. Protecting your business is our business and we understand that this phase of the business can be risky and tricky. We also know if not done properly it can cost you money and put your staff at risk. A carjacking, hold up or auto burglary can happen in seconds and thieves can quickly steal thousands of dollars in cash or product before anyone can be on site.

Chronic Security through an affiliate offers securely armored and covert vehicles. By using secured transport vehicles it shows the community that you care about your companies safety and the community. Retail dispensaries, grow and processors can trust that the security needed is there and not a problem.

We can help with:

  • Armored Car Services
  • Cash Services
  • Courier Services
  • Safe Rentals and Sales
  • Valuable Transport
  • Vault Services

*Services are available 24/7 even on holidays

Employee Theft Prevention

Up to 90% of the losses reported by dispensaries are due to employee theft. Our staff is present keeps your staff on their toes and can detour them from theft or doing things such as “friends and family discounts.”



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